Learn More About Gilmore Chiropractic

Dr. J. Blake Gilmore grew up in Pensacola, FL and graduated from East Hill Christian High School.  During his time as a high school student, he enjoyed studying science. After he graduated, he attended Florida State University (FSU) and he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After completing his undergraduate degree at FSU, Dr. Blake turned his attention to finding the best chiropractic school that would best match up with his concentration in science and research. He attended and completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic Care from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California.


After completing his doctorate and internships, he practiced as a Chiropractor in the Southern California area.  Afterward, he was selected to work in an office that focused on treating patients who had been injured in work and auto accidents. Immediately, he realized there were many intricacies to helping these injured patients. Moreover, there was more he wanted to learn about car and auto accident injuries. To help achieve this goal, he took classes from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and became certified in whiplash and brain injury traumatology. The institute provides advanced education in the evaluation and treatment of whiplash and brain injury traumatology conditions. These are complex and commonly experienced conditions by people involved in car and auto accidents.

Dr. Gilmore always planned to return to his beloved hometown, Pensacola, FL. He wanted to return and be closer to friends, family, and the Gulf Coast, but he also wanted to open a chiropractic office in Pensacola.  Wanting to ensure that it was uniquely patient centered, he followed his passion and in 2007 Dr. Gilmore opened his own office. In time, this is where he could help the people of Northwest Florida. Dr. Gilmore uses his expertise in chiropractic care to help his patients recover from car accident injuries, neck and back pain, headaches, sport injuries, work related injuries, and degenerative conditions that develop naturally as the body ages. In summary, it is his goal to help the many people of Pensacola live their best lives!