Your Pensacola Chiropractor was performing an evaluation of a patient who had been involved in a low speed auto accident to determine if they had been injured. The patient was telling me about their symptoms and when they started feeling them, but at first the patient just wasn’t sure if her neck and back pain had been caused by the auto accident she had recently been in. The patient said there was not much damage done to her vehicle, as it was more of a fender bender, so she wasn’t sure it could be the cause of so much pain at her neck and back. Also, the patient told me her symptoms of neck and back pain began a day or so after the auto accident she was in. She was incorrectly assuming (….and I should note many other patients have incorrectly assumed the same….) that if she was injured by the auto accident then she would have immediately felt the neck and back pain.

As Your Pensacola Chiropractor has been trained, I went through the details of the collision and took into account areas of the neck and back she was experiencing pain and asked specific questions to determine if indeed this auto accident could be the cause of the neck and back pain she was experiencing. Some of these questions about her auto accident were where she was looking at the time of the collision and if her HEAD RESTRAINT device was in the proper position to help protect her head and neck from injury during a collision in which she was rear ended…..which just so happens to be how her auto accident occurred (click here to read about more details involving low speed auto accidents and how they can cause injury). Taking some extra time with this patient, being thorough and going through her unique set of injury details enabled us to determine she had in fact been injured in this auto accident.

Even though the collision involving her vehicle hadn’t seemed to be what she initially considered a “strong enough” collision to create significant pain at her neck and back, once we took into account her unique set of circumstances it was obvious this “minor” auto accident was going to a big pain in her neck! Fortunately for this patient she came to Gilmore Chiropractic in Pensacola, Florida, where she was properly evaluated and treated by Your Pensacola Chiropractor for post-accident recovery.

If you, or someone you know, are involved in an auto accident, don’t take your symptoms lightly and assume they will go away on their own. Make sure you are properly evaluated by a qualified health professional that will help you get the treatment you deserve. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at Gilmore Chiropractic so we can serve you.

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