At some point near the beginning of March this year, everyone began to notice that we were all about to have big changes to our daily lives and routines.  While Your Pensacola Chiropractor was making adjustments because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our chiropractic office in Pensacola knows everyone’s life has been greatly affected.  Some people have been working from home, some have been working decreased schedules and others have not been able to work at all.  At first some kids had an extended spring break but this quickly turned into every elementary, middle and high school student taking online classes from home.  Regular social events (birthday parties, weddings and reunions to name a few) and religious events were either canceled or performed with creative adjustments to abide by the new social distancing laws. The fact that everyone’s health and safety is the reason our behaviors were changing created a great amount of stress for all individuals of our country and our community in the Pensacola, Florida area.

Your Pensacola Chiropractor has made many adjustments to their normal operations during this uncertain period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Under orders from the Governor of Florida in March 2020 and based on recommendations from our attorney we had to discontinue treatment to our patients unless they had been injured in an auto accident and other types of trauma or had acute symptoms.  Even while greatly decreasing the patient volume of Your Pensacola Chiropractor, there were many other changes we made to keep our chiropractic office in Pensacola as safe as possible for the patients that were still coming in for chiropractic treatment.

I know the patients noticed the extra areas we were cleaning regularly during the past two months including all the doorknobs, counter tops and waiting room chairs after almost every use.  The most noticeable change had to be the mask worn by Your Pensacola Chiropractor. This change was made when the CDC recommended everyone use masks when they were in public areas or unable to abide by the social distancing guidelines.  Although it has taken some getting used to, all the patients have appreciated the added protection and comfort it gives them knowing it is another action taken by Your Pensacola Chiropractor to provide the safest and best chiropractic care.

As the weeks of the stay at home order have gone by, more and more patients have been calling Your Pensacola Chiropractor wanting to know when they can get back in for their chiropractic treatments.  Based on the most recent order from the Governor of Florida, Gilmore Chiropractic is happy to announce we will be available to provide chiropractic services to all of our patients and any new patients seeking chiropractic treatment in Pensacola beginning Monday May 4, 2020!

For more specifics on the adjustments to treatment procedures and patient appointments we have made and will continue to make during this time, check out our COVID-19 updates page.

Please contact our office if you have any questions related to your appointment including the ways Your Pensacola Chiropractor is making sure to provide the safest environment we can to help protect you and your loved ones while you receive our best chiropractic care!


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