Activator Technique

The activator is an instrument that uses a high speed and a low mass to deliver a force to the bone that it is contacting when used by a chiropractor. Many patients associate this as a “low force” adjustment technique and many people respond very well to this technique as the only form of treatment they need to treat their neck or back pain affectively. We regularly receive calls at our Pensacola Chiropractic office from potential patients asking if we adjust with the activator because they have had their neck or back pain treated by a chiropractor before who used the activator on them and it was effective in treating their symptoms.

Sometimes during the course of treatment, a patient may find out that the activator is very effective for them. An example would be a person who presents to our chiropractic office in Pensacola with complaints of neck pain, which could have been cause by a car accident, hurt while playing with the kids or doing yardwork or even just sleeping on it in a bad position. If on examination Dr. Gilmore, Your Pensacola Chiropractor, notes there is a good deal of tenderness and the patient would not tolerate well a manual adjustment at the neck region, a treatment plan might include using the activator to adjust the patient’s neck until the patient is able to tolerate the manual adjustment. In certain cases, the patient responds so well to the adjustments with the activator that their neck pain is completely resolved without ever needing to be manually adjusted. When this occurs, Your Pensacola Chiropractor will modify the length and type of treatments in the treatment plan. This is an example of how we tailor treatment plans, at Gilmore Chiropractic, to the individual needs of each one of our patients in Pensacola, FL.

If you have any questions for Your Pensacola Chiropractor or you want relief from pain, please give us a call at Gilmore Chiropractic where we will give you our best, which is the quality care that you deserve.

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